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posted Sep 13, 2009, 8:26 AM by Larry Finkelstein
MOUNT LAUREL, NJ. - (May 2, 2000) - Creative Systems Programming Corporation is pleased to announce that their computing forums are now publicly available to all users on the World Wide Web absolutely free of any charges.  CompuServe is making a radical departure from the previously closed systems employed to build and manage some of the most successful online communities for more than two decades.

All of the Creative Systems forums, including the Linux Forum, the Emerging Technology Forum, the IBM Forum, the Lotus Forum and the Unix Forum are now available to anyone with an AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) screen name.  This free access also includes CompuServe Instant Messenger (CSIM), Netscape AOL Instant Messenger, CompuServe and AOL accounts.  Now, in addition to the 2.5 million members of CompuServe, the Creative Systems Forums  are available to the 22 million members of AOL as well as the 40 million holders of no-charge Instant Messenger accounts.

"This is a very exciting time for us.  Now, for the very first time, all of our forums are available to everyone," said Larry B. Finkelstein, President of Creative Systems Programming Corporation.  "We've got some great people that are willing to share their knowledge and experience with all participants.  These communities are one of the best kept secrets on the web, and now they're open to everyone that wants to join.  "

"It's like having your own personal consultants that are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with expertise in every area imaginable," said Julia Partridge, the manager of the IBM Forum. 

The Linux Forum (
The Linux Forum is a community of Linux enthusiasts and others that are evaluating Linux as an alternative to Windows.  While our earliest members are highly technical, leading edge and early adopters, many business professionals and mainstream computer users are joining us as Linux makes the transition to the desktop and moves away from its current stronghold as a server platform.

The Emerging Technology Forum (
The Emerging Technology Forum members discuss new and emerging technologies, providing a useful and meaningful context for anyone interested in exploring how specific technologies can change and enhance their personal and professional lives.

The IBM Forum (
The IBM Forum grew out of the ThinkPad and OS/2 communities and has been expanded to include all software and hardware products from IBM.  It's the largest virtual IBM User Group in the world, with members sharing their expertise in setting up and maintaining IBM systems, including desktop, midrange, mainframe, mobile and personal systems.

The Lotus Forum (
The Lotus Forum provides free Lotus product technical support to end users, developers and administrators.  With a special emphasis on Lotus Notes, Domino and SmartSuite, members of the L-Team are available to assist with any technical or "how to" questions.

The Unix Forum (
The Unix Forum is one of the oldest Unix communities on the web, and is frequented by members with an interest in the UNIX operating system in all of its forms. This includes particular vendors' flavors of the operating system, including SCO and Sun, as well as clones such as Linux and BSD.

Founded in 1984 and a privately-held company, Creative Systems Programming Corporation is a CompuServe Business Partner and full service consulting firm, providing knowledge and community management services to an international clientele.

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