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OS/2 Computing Support Community Opens on CompuServe

posted Sep 13, 2009, 8:25 AM by Larry Finkelstein
MT.LAUREL, NJ -- November 14, 1997 -- Creative Systems Programming Corporation and CompuServe Interactive are happy to announce the creation of the OS/2® Computing Support Community on CompuServe. Serving as the cornerstone of this new online community are the OS/2 CentralTM Forum, OS/2 Central Developer Forum and OS/2 Central Networking Forum.

New menus tailored to the OS/2 community will make it easier to find exciting topics of interest for OS/2 users and OS/2 developers. All of the content is geared to the OS/2 Community and can now be found in a single location, accessible by entering GO OS2COMPUTING at any CompuServe prompt. Current users of OS/2-CIMTM will automatically be directed to the OS/2 view when they select Computing Support from the Explore CompuServe menu.

Creative Systems Programming Corporation is further expanding their OS/2 Central area on CompuServe by creating a new OS/2 Central site on the World Wide Web. The OS/2 Central World Wide Web site is free and can be found at

The OS/2 Central Web site has been designed to create a focal point for OS/2 users on the World Wide Web and showcase the OS/2 Computing Support Community on CompuServe. There is significant information available including a comprehensive OS/2 user group directory, a complete listing of OS/2 books, periodicals and electronic magazines, as well as archives of many of the popular OS/2 list servers from the Internet. Additional information and resources are under development for the OS/2 Central Web site and will be made available as soon as they are completed.

"We're very excited to be able to provide these new resources and services to the OS/2 community," said Larry B. Finkelstein, president of Creative Systems Programming Corporation. "With the introduction of our OS/2 Central Web site and the recently announced C from CompuServe, we expect to build a lot of interest in the thriving OS/2 Community on CompuServe Interactive."

Creative Systems is continuing to work with CompuServe to insure that OS/2 users will continue to have a selection of first class tools for accessing all of the content available on CompuServe. This includes plans for updates to Golden CommPass® (an offline reader for accessing CompuServe forums) as well as the planned release of their new online browser, Golden CommPass InteractiveTM (formerly known as OS/2-CIM). A new forum has been opened to provide support for this product, GO GCPINTERACTIVE.

Founded in 1984 and a privately-held company, Creative Systems Programming Corporation is a CompuServe Business Partner and provides management of the OS/2 Central areas on CompuServe. Creative Systems Programming Corporation provides custom consulting and training services, designs 32-bit client-server applications using the latest object technology and is a leading developer of communications software, including the internationally acclaimed Golden CommPass, OS/2 Navigation Software.

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